Friday, 25 July 2014

Commonwealth games inquiry (Minecraft).

We've begun the term in ICT with a focus on the Commonwealth games for our inquiry topic.

After overhearing countless discussions from the students about their adventures on Minecraft I decided to see what all the fuss was about and try and turn this enthusiasm into a learning tool. Students have been creating event venues that mirror those at the games both from a technological and aesthetic viewpoint. The idea is that by the end of this unit they will have a sound understanding of how the games have evolved over time. Equipment and technology is one aspect that has changes to shape the games we enjoy today.

After a few minor hiccups, (an invasion of baddies 'creepers' and the like) we manages to take control of our world and make a start at building our impressive and accurate structures.

A couple of our worlds were accessed by uninvited users who tried to disrupt our building. These people are called Griefers. This provided a great teaching point on cyber safety.

A fabulous learning & teaching tool.

The children were given their Learning IntentionTo create an arena for your favourite Commonwealth Games event venue using Minecraft.

Each child chose their sport and group members. I assigned each group a default "world", a "host" (i.e. a mature student leader familiar with minecraft) to manage several children's construction projects within the "world".

This world shows 5
distinct event venues.
The class was given a set of Success Criteria. And they were away.

View our videos and take a birds-eye tours of our progress so far

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  1. Great work Room 17 Room 16 soo excited about doing this next Wednesday.